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Holiday Marketing: What You Need to Plan ASAP

November 13, 2014 - Marketing -

It’s official; holiday marketing campaigns are in full swing. While it might seem like every business around you has already kicked their marketing into high gear, there’s still time for you incorporate a bit of the holiday spirit into your brand.

The Christmas season is a great time to increase profits with special incentives and effective campaigns. If you want to capitalize on this once-a-year opportunity, you need to get planning ASAP. Don’t know where to start? Here are some marketing ideas that you can put in place for the upcoming weeks.


If you’ve been thinking about running a holiday-related promotion, whether it’s a special offer, sale or discount, now is the time to get started.

With several weeks until Christmas, there’s still time to run a successful promotion. Just remember that your promotion will likely require some print materials, social media content and advertising in order to be effective. That’s why you need to start today!

Social Media Campaigns

There’s so much you can do with social media! Create holiday-themed graphics to bring some seasonal cheer to your social channels. You could even run a contest for the month of December, which gives you a few weeks to put your plan in place.

We also love the advertising opportunities; while newspaper and radio ads require significant lead-time, social media ads can be created and run immediately. When you’re cutting it close, consider using the many advertising options available on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to spread the word about your holiday promotions and contests.

Holiday Greeting Cards

We’ve all received holiday cards from businesses we have supported over the years. They’re a great way to recognize your customers and thank them for their support during the year.

Your greeting cards also offer the perfect opportunity to incorporate your branding. Having your cards custom-designed for your business is a great way to reinforce your brand. Customized cards will take some time to design and print, so you’ll need to get started ASAP if you want to receive them in time to send to your customers. (Check out our promo below and contact us to get started!)



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