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Tips for Better Business Cards

February 6, 2014 - Marketing -

No matter the size of the organization, everyone needs a business card. It’s one of the most powerful and widely used weapons in your marketing arsenal. Since you’ll likely be handing out many cards (at least you should be!) in your day-to-day operations, you want to make sure they’re effective.

Take a look at your current business card; it reflects your image, so what does it say about you? If you want to be known as a professional with high quality services, your card should show this. Business cards that are unprofessional, sloppy, or easily forgotten might not entice potential clients and business partners to follow-up. Ultimately you want your card to be professional, attractive and memorable.

Here are some more tips for better business cards:
  • Work with a professional designer that produces high quality business cards.
  • Keep the colours and design consistent with all other marketing in order to maintain your brand.
  • Decide on the essential information in order to limit your text.
  • Keep the overall design simple enough so that it is pleasing to the eye rather than overwhelming.
  • Make sure your contact information is easy to read.
  • Make your card more tactile and memorable by choosing quality card-stock. You can also try something different with plastic, wood and textured cards, or features like embossing and spot-UV.
Our final and most important piece of advice:

Keep some business cards everywhere – in your wallet, purse, coat pockets, car, etc. – so that you always have them on hand. You never know when opportunity will strike!

If you think your business card could use some work, contact us. We’d love to help! And if you hurry, you can take advantage of the great offer below.

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