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Start Sending Better Business Emails

October 16, 2014 - Misc. -

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With the constant instant messaging across social networks and smartphones, the way that we communicate has changed. Common email best practices have been replaced with quick messages, abbreviations and slang. While this might be alright for your personal contacts, it isn’t appropriate for your business emails if you want to come across as a professional.

We’ve put together some quick reminders to help you compose even better emails that always give the best impression of your business.


  • Always include a relevant subject line. Leaving it blank could cause your email to be flagged as spam or sent straight to the ‘Junk’ folder.
  • Don’t include your entire message in the subject area, just a clear and concise title.


  • Always begin your email by addressing your recipient.
  • Greet them by name with a ‘Hello’, ‘Good morning’, etc.


  • Keep your message concise and to the point. If there are too many lengthy statements or questions, it’s a good sign that you should be having the discussion over the phone or in person rather than via email.
  • Take your time and make sure your message is organized with a logical flow.
  • Remember that tone can easily be misunderstood over email, so be careful not to give any unintended negative impressions.
  • When responding to a sensitive situation (i.e. an upset customer), consider having someone else review your email to make sure your message comes across without any negative sentiment.


  • Include a closing statement (i.e. ‘Thank you’, ‘Have a good day’, etc.) to personalize your email.
  • Use a standard, professional email signature (and avoid including images that can take extra time to load).

General Reminders

  • Always review your message for clarity, spelling mistakes and to make sure attachments are actually attached.
  • Make sure all necessary information is included in your email before sending, so you can avoid sending back-to-back emails.
  • Don’t spam your professional contacts with chain emails and jokes.

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