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Guest Post – Get the Most Out of Cold Emailing: Why Personal Means Better

November 29, 2016 - Marketing, Web -

* We’d like to thank our friend, Andrew Lowen of Next Level Webfor contributing a valuable blog post for us to share with our audience!

Do you want to generate more leads for your business? Cold emails could be a great idea. However, how do you get your email past the recipient’s spam folder? This is probably the biggest challenge every email marketer faces. As much as the concept of cold emailing is considered unpopular and saturated, there are ways to reach out to your targets and make them interested. The trick? Making it personal. Not about you, but about the recipient.

How does a personal email look?

  • It uses a relevant, attractive title

It is possible that you’ve heard that the best way to catch the attention of your recipient is by using attractive titles that are hard to ignore. Unfortunately, many go to an extent of creating clickbait titles. At first, the recipient is likely to open your email. However, if the content doesn’t sound relevant, that’s all you get. Such a recipient is not likely to open anything coming from you again.

In as much as you want to create an attractive title, make sure it is relevant to the content of the email. Your recipient should get an idea of what to expect in the email from the title. In this case, be specific with your email subjects when it comes to the value your content brings your client.

  • It opens with a custom greeting

Instead of using a plain or generic opening for your emails, customize the greeting to include the prospect’s first name, or so. People love to be addressed that way. Also, it gives your email a sense of familiarity and the simple act can save it from being pushed onto the spam folder. Even if you are sending many emails, most automation tools used today for bulk emailing have the options for tweaking various features, such as the greeting, to fit the sender’s needs. You can set it such that it will pick the names of the recipient at least in the opening greeting.

  • It demonstrates some knowledge of the prospect’s problem

Personal emails are structured to focus on the recipient, not the seller. Even the mention of your product is done as a means to offer value to the prospect. In this case, any good marketer should do their research properly to understand the kind of prospects they are dealing with. Through your research, identify your prospect’s pain point and pre-qualify them for your product or service. Then, let your message show how you are going to solve their need.  This way, the reader will be happy to partner with someone who understands their needs.

  • It uses familiar, clear language

Since you already know the kind of people you are speaking to, choose a language and tone that integrates perfectly with them. Also, remember that you are borrowing someone’s time.  In this case, make your email clear and precise. The reader doesn’t have the whole day to figure out what you are trying to say to them.

  • Have clear details of the sender, written in a professional manner

First off, avoid sending cold emails from a generic provider such as Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo or so. Strive to use an email address based on your business domain. Then, sign off with your contact details written properly. Include your business address too.

Importance of creating personal cold emails

  • They increase open rate: this is a big win for any email marketer especially during sales prospecting.
  • They offer value to the recipient: when you have done your research properly, you have the right message that meets your prospects needs. Everyone wants to spend time on something that is of benefit to them.
  • They  boost sales: in most cases, what you need to turn a reader to your buyer is a charming first email. If your cold email can get the reader take the desired action, then you are one step closer to closing a deal.
  • They look credible: everyone wants to do business with only credible providers. Help your emails get opened by following a structure that makes them appear credible.

Cold emails are still a great way to boost your sales funnel. All you need is to learn the tricks to get them opened by your prospects. Have you identified a hot prospect that you think is a perfect candidate for your product or service? Use the above ideas and catch their attention with only a single email.


Andrew is the CEO of Next Level Web, a trusted marketing agency based in San Diego, California. He has three lovely daughters and the most patient wife of all time. They specialize in Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, PPC Advertising, and Email Marketing (The Agency – not the daughters… yet). See case studies & results of happy clients at www.NextLevelWeb.com.