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Guest Post – Examples of Finance Web Design

February 24, 2016 - Marketing, Web -

* We’d like to thank our new friend, Kim Dawkins of Blue Anchor SEO, for sharing with our audience and contributing to our blog! *

You will never have a second chance to create a good first impression, and while this rule not only applies to human interactions, it is equally important in the business world as well. Reportedly, we only have 7 seconds to build that first impression, and while it may not be final, it’s incredibly difficult to change that perception afterwards.

Let’s take a look at the following case study. Suppose you start your own company and get yourself a really nice office space, one that is minimalistic, yet well decorated and in touch with your branding strategy. Doing this will surely generate a positive first impression to everyone walking in – sounds like great news!

However, for some reason, your online presence is not up to the challenge. Your website is noisy, messy, and baroquely overloaded with misplaced hyperlinks, irrelevant content, and mismatched color themes. While the physical first impression of your company may be pristine, if your web presence is sloppy, you’re potentially driving off a huge share of clients by generating thousands of negative first impressions online.

Great Web Designs for Great Companies

Companies across the globe are turning to web design professionals to ensure that their online presence is in line with what they’re trying to communicate to their targeted audience. Great designs come in a variety of different forms, which isn’t to say one will be definitively better than the other – they’re just different. A design that is well suited for a particular company may not work as a good fit for you and your brand.

Finance companies are no exception to the rule and no matter which subsector of the market they operate in, they all have something in common: they need to communicate security and trustworthiness to their investors, regardless of how they see themselves as a company.

This variety of identities falls under something called “branding archetypes”, originally presented by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung and later perfected by leadership consultant Carol Pearson. These archetypes are figures we can all relate to in one way or another. In essence, they are personalities that are inherently familiar to all of us.

This is exactly why companies like CMC Markets opted for a lean, clean, and minimal design that utilizes light color themes and contrasts. This creates the feeling of a safe and nurturing environment where current and potential clients can feel comfortable trading their assets, with all pertinent information tidily packed and made easily accessible.

Examples of Great Web Designs for Finance Companies

While this rule applies to everyone, it is cardinal for finance companies. Your website absolutely has to be responsive – this means it needs to automatically adjust to the size of the screen of the device it is being viewed on. If on desktop, the display will adjust to fit the screen regardless of the resolution or monitor size being used. If on mobile or tablet, the site will recognize this and automatically serve up the compatible version.

Most finance companies will offer customers a particular form of service, often involving the trading of assets. Secure trading platforms must also be presented elegantly and seamlessly, integrating all of the metadata into one whole macro vision, in order to give investors all the tools they need to make smart decisions.

The design that fits you best will largely respond to the branding archetype and general feeling your company intends to communicate. Some companies prefer to go full “Sage” by inspiring wisdom and knowledge to their customers. Others might opt to be “The Regular Guy”, making sure everybody feels accepted and that they belong. Some even like to be viewed as “The Nurturer”, providing a safe environment and prioritizing the care of the client. And why not a mix of them? It doesn’t have to be limited to a single archetype.

It does, however, need to be well studied and defined to convey exactly what the company is all about. Good branding is arguably the most important tool to build great web designs. It awakens a true connection between the company and its clients. Most professionals can build good websites but only the best can fully integrate your corporate identity along with an elegant design that inspires action while clearly defining the value your company offers.



Kim Dawkins is the Outreach Manager at Blue Anchor SEO, a search engine optimization firm based in Surrey, England.

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  • Adam DowlingReply

    I would not recommended endorsing this company. I worked as a contractor for Tom Dawkins of Blue Anchor SEO via the freelance site Upwork. They did not pay me what they owed me and have refused to reply to any of my correspondence. They are not what our industry needs.

    April 24, 2016

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