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Guest Post – 5 Ways to Simplify Your Digital Marketing Strategy

March 16, 2016 - Marketing, SEO, Web -

* We’d like to thank our new friends: Tristan Gray, Managing Director at Studio 56, and Peter Thomas, Content Manager at Studio 56, for contributing to our blog and sharing with our audience! *

Do you have a digital marketing strategy? Want to make it more streamline and simple? Having a high impact digital marketing strategy means the difference between seeing positive impact on your overall bottom line ROI. However, it’s important to realise that the ROI you’re expecting depends greatly on how successful and streamline your digital marketing plan is throughout its implementation stage. When looking to create a more user friendly digital marketing strategy for your business, the following are the top 5 tips you can use to simplify your digital marketing strategy to produce better results within a shorter period of time.

Top Tips For Creating A Streamline Digital Marketing Strategy


Revise And Build Your Content Strategy

Behind every great digital marketing strategy is a great content strategy. Creating just any old content won’t generate leads, it requires a little more planning. Your content needs to be engaging, optimised, meet social expectations and most importantly increase your conversion rate. Having a proper content strategy in place can help you to achieve your target goal of increasing overall profits and revenue. Some things that should be considered when implementing and revising your content strategy include:

  • Researching – Researching your target audience to see what they want and don’t want to see.
  • Topic – The topic of discussion vs the target audience you will be selling it to.
  • Content Type – Identify the type of content that your potential audience likes to view. This can include: blogs, infographics, emails, videos, webinars, audio and social media.
  • Content Voice – The way your content will be conveyed through tone as someone reads it. Example; casual, professional, expert, opinionated.


Implement SEO Strategies

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is key to the ranking of your content on popular search engines. If search engines can’t find your content, you can bet that no-one else can as well. So what makes a SEO plan great you ask? There are some things to consider and these include:

  • Keywords – Create a list of specifically targeted keywords which are relevant to what your customers may search and what your business is trying to sell. This should include long tail keywords. Without keywords your content won’t show up in relevant searches in popular search engines. Google Keyword Tool is great for suggesting relevant keywords.
  • Link Building – Link building is the process where external links, link up to your website pages. Creating guest blogs for other relevant websites who accept them and linking specific targeted keywords with your website pages can help to improve SEO ratings dramatically. Although a tedious process, link building has proven to generate more leads than other marketing avenues.
  • Social Networking – The use of social media can help to enhance your SEO efforts. Using social media websites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, you can promote your brand, blogs, products or website to your targeted audience through advertisements and interactive posts. Social media allows you to gauge what your audience is looking for when it comes to your marketing efforts. Some key things to remember when using social media for SEO include incorporating target keywords, making the content easily shareable, giving them something that they want, and making sure it always links back to your website in some way.


Use Inbound Marketing Over Interrupted Marketing


Inbound marketing is the process in which a business earns visitors and website traffic through different methods. This process also makes your business easier to find along with drawing attention to yourself through the use of interesting content.

Interrupted marketing is defined as a paid ad which is generally found at the top right hand side of popular search engines such as Google along with social media platforms such as Facebook. Although they do work to some degree, a majority of digital marketing experts will tell you that these don’t work as well as inbound marketing does. Some ways to help improve your inbound marketing efforts include:

  • Building a successful, reliable, and informative blog that people continuously come back to
  • Tell people about your success through achievements/nominations your business has received in the past. Example: ‘Top 10 Plumbing Business In The USA’
  • Publish any positive reviews about your business from previous satisfied customers
  • Contribute content to a number of different, relevant websites
  • Leverage online profiles to link back to your website where possible


Regularly Analyse Competitors

Analysing your competitors can give you great insight and a big advantage when streamlining and building your digital marketing strategy. By analysing your competitors, you will be able to achieve a few things and these include:

  • Finding out what makes one business more popular than others
  • You get an insight and understanding on how they market themselves
  • Be able to work out a marketing strategy that overtakes them

So how do you analyse your competitors, you ask? There are a few ways this can be achieved. These include:

  • Signing up to emails
  • Monitoring keywords
  • Reading their blogs and other website content
  • Monitor their domain
  • Keep a track of any offers or sales pitches they produce


Measure Your Success and Failures


With any strategy, there will be weak links in the chain. It’s important to keep note of the key points which make your marketing more successful and the key issues which aren’t working for your business. This is important as it not only keeps you on top of your digital marketing strategy, but it also helps to eliminate costly and time-wasting efforts that can be moved towards something more productive. Ways you can check for this is by monitoring your in-goings and outgoings. Where is your main source of traffic coming from? Ads, social media, link-building or search engine results? If you find, for example, advertisements aren’t working as well as social media is, it may be best to push your efforts and money into building your social media network and fan base. Analysing what works and what doesn’t work will take time. Remember to give each method a few months to a year grace period as it does take time to develop a good marketing strategy method.


When it comes to simplifying your digital marketing strategy, there are many different things that can be done. By breaking down your strategy into sections you can easily improve your conversion rates for increased profits and results. Are you incorporating these changes to your digital marketing strategy?


Tristan Gray is Managing Director at Studio 56 in Melbourne Australia. As a serial entrepreneur and business owner, he and his team now help business owners grow their business online through a large number of advertising channels. Tristan is great at thinking outside the box and helping his clients understand how to best get a return on their investment. He strongly believes in building good ethical networks with other like minded business owners. 


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