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Guest Post – 5 Simple Ways that You Can Track Your Marketing Campaigns

February 5, 2016 - Marketing, SEO, Web -

* We’d like to thank our new friend, Lalit Sharma of Ranking by SEO, for sharing with our audience and contributing to our blog! *

When you start a business, you will have to prepare yourself for the challenges that come with it. These challenges include: getting the capital to start the business, coming up with a viable idea, and most of all, marketing that idea. You will know that your business is succeeding if you manage to get people to see things from your perspective. This is usually the main goal of marketing: you want to get people to see your product in the best light and this is going to be a bit of a hassle. Luckily, you can get experts in marketing to help you out with this.

Keep track of your marketing campaigns

There are so many avenues that you can employ to market your product. There are inbound marketing strategies which will include the likes of content marketing and search engine optimization. There are also the outbound marketing strategies like link building and others that involve using other people’s resources. Investing in a good marketing campaign is important, but you also have to keep track of the performance of the campaign to make sure that you get the best results.

How will you know whether your marketing campaign is working for your business? There are only a million ways to do this. The most common methods that are being employed today, especially in online businesses include:

  1. Checking the ROI

Are you getting a return on your investment? The amount of money that you have invested in the marketing campaign should come back to your pocket plus a profit. If this happens, then that is a good marketing campaign. However, if the campaign just returns what you invested plus a few dollars on top or it does not even return your investment, then you should make some changes to it. Take some time to do some modifications on your marketing campaign and you will get excellent returns on your investments in strategy.

  1. Web analytics

You can never get away with failure to use web analytics. You always have to analyze the performance of your website in the worldwide web. How many people have the marketing campaigns reached and how many people acted upon the information that was provided by those marketing campaigns? This is information that web analytics can give to your business.

Take for instance; you decide to market your product on Twitter. Twitter has what many would call the best analytics features when it comes to social media marketing. Once you make your marketing posts, you can track how many people they have reached. You can also track your conversions and so much more. Analytics are an excellent way to keep track of your businesses performance on the internet. They are also extremely good when it comes to fine tuning your marketing strategies.

  1. Attribution

This is another way of getting information concerning the performance of your website on the social media platforms. Basically, the marketers identify a set of events which produce the conversions that they are looking for. The events that produce conversions in one business might be different for another business. Therefore, marketers have to keep track of these activities to make sure that they focus their marketing campaigns to get certain results that they would like. This is not a very simple task as compared to analytics and checking the ROI.

  1. Split testing

This is also known as A/B testing. It is a really interesting of way of figuring out how your business is doing. At the most basic level, it involves comparing two versions of your website based on their conversion rates. It is not as simple as it might sound when reading, but then making the effort of using it to track the performance of your website is going to bring in some amazing results.

  1. Tracking your CRM

The customer relations management (CRM) system is simply a database that stores your sales, leads and business contacts of all sorts. Keeping track of your CRM system is going to provide you with an abundance of information in regards to your marketing campaigns. Having a good database is going to provide you with the right data that you require to ensure your business performs excellently. Of course, this is dependent on whether you use the data or not. Data will always help you to make informed decisions when you are running your business. In the case of marketing, your CRM system has the data that you need.


Keeping track of the performance of your business’ marketing campaigns is of great importance. This should not be such a difficult task in today’s world. There are so many tools that are available for you to track how your marketing campaigns are being received by people out there. These tools are going to work wonders for your business’ growth.



Lalit Sharma is an SEO consultant who runs a SEO house called Ranking By SEO. He is specialized in link building and other SEO related activities. You can also find him on Twitter, Google+, and his personal blog.

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