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Does Your Business Have a Summer Online Strategy?

June 12, 2013 - Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Web -

The warmer weather is here! Time for relaxing poolside, enjoying the great outdoors, and spending weekends at the lake. While you might be tempted to give in to summer’s laid-back mindset, your business can suffer if you let your online presence go on holidays.

Social Media

Think your audience is less engaged from June through August? That’s not necessarily true. Your customers are consuming social media, regardless of the season, so it’s important that you keep your audience engaged. You’ve worked hard throughout the year to establish your social presence, so don’t lose their interest now. Schedule your posts on Facebook, or check out tools like TweetDeck and HootSuite so you can automate some of your posting, especially around times that you’re going to be extra busy or when you’re taking holidays. If you have never heard of these tools, we can help!¬†Check out the social media services we offer here at Logikal Code.

Website Content & Blogs

Don’t let your website’s content become out-dated during the warm-weather months. Switching to summer hours? Be sure to keep your business hours, services, pricing, and other information up to date on your website (and social networks), so your customers stay informed. Stale content can also have an impact on your search engine ranking, so continue posting regular blog entries. (This will also help keep your audience engaged!) If you’re the main content creator, write some extra blog posts now for those busy times, and arrange to have someone post your blogs when you’re away. Struggling with your website and creating great content? Learn what we can do to help here.

Right now is the perfect time to develop a plan for your business’s summer online strategy. With a little bit of foresight, you can ensure that your business stays out of the summer slump and continues to excel online, especially when your competitors may be slacking.

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