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The Biggest Social Media Mistakes Your Business is Making

September 11, 2013 - Social Media -

Are you making any of these costly social media mistakes?

1. Ignoring social media

Surprisingly, some businesses are still making the biggest mistake of all: thinking they don’t need a social media presence. Just because you’re not there, doesn’t mean customers aren’t looking for you! A little research could show that people are tweeting and posting about your business despite your lack of a presence. Ignoring social media means that you’re missing out on the conversation and potentially damaging your brand by not taking control of your reputation.

2. Infrequent posting

Creating accounts isn’t enough. Social media requires the time to curate content and spread it across your networks. Your audience will lose interest if you’re not posting regularly. Even worse, a bare page that hasn’t been updated in months will be hard-pressed to gain followers. Develop a content strategy and get in the habit of posting regularly- at least once a week. If needed, use a scheduling tool like HootSuite and TweetDeck, or Facebook’s scheduling feature to plan your posts ahead of time.

3. Posting the wrong content

Sharing irrelevant, boring and sales-focused content won’t help keep your customers engaged. Instead of pushing for sales, offer value to your fans so they have a reason to follow your social networks. Try providing tips, the latest news, and interesting tidbits that are related to your industry. Don’t be afraid to express a bit of personality and show some of the faces behind your company. The greatest engagement on our social networks has come from our staff competitions, team events and other more ‘personal’ content.

4. Spreading yourself too thin

Is your business struggling to maintain a presence across each and every social network? The saying ‘less is more’ definitely applies here. You don’t need to have a profile on every social network in existence. What’s more important is the quality of your social presence. Focus your efforts on the most relevant platforms so that you don’t feel overwhelmed and your social audience will appreciate it.

5. Not engaging with customers

Your social media followers don’t want to feel ignored. Make sure you are monitoring your networks for feedback so that you can respond to questions and comments in a timely manner. Social media provides the perfect outlet for starting conversations, but a true conversation can’t be one-sided. Let your followers know that they’re being heard, or you risk losing them as customers. Read more tips for providing customer service through social media.

6. Not tracking social media results

You track your website traffic. You track the impact of new advertising and marketing initiatives. So why aren’t you tracking the results of your social media campaigns? Monitoring key social media metrics (i.e. fans/followers, engagement, reach, etc.) on a monthly basis is vital in order to see improvements over time. You should also track the broader impact on your business. Have sales increased? Are more people visiting your website? Have you gained customers? Regular monitoring helps tie your social media efforts into your overall marketing goals.

We’re happy to offer social media assistance and would love to hear from you, so contact us.

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