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Advice From Your Graphic Designer: Don’t Make These Logo Mistakes

May 28, 2014 - Marketing -

1. Not investing in a professional design

How many times have you heard that your logo is the signature of your brand? Well, it’s true! That’s why it’s so important that your logo leaves a lasting, professional impression, which isn’t going to happen with clipart.

We understand that when you’re just starting a new business expenses can be overwhelming, but your logo shouldn’t be an area where you cut corners. Remember it’s going to be everywhere, from your business cards to office signs.

Building a strong brand is kind of like building a house; you want to start with a strong foundation, and that includes your logo.

2. Not providing clear direction

When you sit down with your designer, you should come prepared with specific ideas for what you want from your logo.

Sometimes we hear vague statements like: “I want a logo that pops.” It’s best to bring specific ideas for colours, styles, and examples of logos you like to help us design something that meets your needs and expectations.

3. Including too many elements

Sometimes clients want to include multiple fonts, colours, symbols, and other design elements in their logo. Keep in mind that your logo is going to be used in a variety of ways including small & large, colour & black/white.

When you have a busy, cluttered logo it can be difficult (and costly) to reproduce, plus you might not see all of the details when the logo is small. Keep it simple enough so that your customers can appreciate the entire design.

4. Not trusting your designer

Entrusting a graphic designer with your business vision can be scary. But remember that you hired us for our talent, experience, and professional expertise.

When we offer a suggestion, don’t be afraid to disagree, but at least take it into consideration. Our designers have created a ton of awesome, creative logos and we only want to design the best for you!

5. Inconsistent use

When we design your logo, we’ll give you multiple formats and guidelines so that it looks fantastic in any application. Make sure that you follow those guidelines, and don’t alter your logo by stretching its size or changing colours.

Ultimately, you want to create a strong and recognizable brand. If your logo isn’t consistent across all of your marketing (from social media to posters to t-shirts), you’re doing your business a disservice.

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