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6 Ways to Heat up Your Summer Marketing

June 18, 2014 - Marketing -

The official start of summer is almost here. While the season brings sunshine and holidays, it can also mean slower months ahead for many businesses. That’s why we’re offering some ideas to help you with your summer marketing efforts. A few of these methods just might help give your business the edge this season.

1. Hit the streets

People spend more time outside during the summer and it can be harder to reach your customers through your regular channels. Get your message directly in front of customers with fresh marketing materials like door hangers, flyers and posters. Place your ads in locations that are busier during the warm weather months so they get noticed.

2. Lighten up your message

You always want to keep your marketing relevant, so why not have some fun sprucing up your usual promotional materials. Inject a bit of the feeling of summer in your marketing with bright colours, seasonal images, or a fun contest.

3. Change up your promotional items

If you’re in the habit of giving away promotional items, start gearing them towards the summer season. Frisbees, fans and water bottles will win over customers during the warm weather.

4. Have fun with summer events

Participating in local festivals and events can help get your name out there in the community. Whether you set up a booth, host a contest, or just get your name on an event poster, it’s great exposure for your business. You could even host your own event, like a customer appreciation BBQ to show your customers some love.

5. Drum up business with discounts

If you’re finding the summer months particularly slow, you might want to consider offering an incentive to your customers with a sale or special promotion. Even a small discount to past customers might be enough to increase your sales.

6. Make use of any extra time

For some businesses summer means more downtime, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be productive. If fall or the holidays are your busy season, take advantage of the extra time you have now by thinking ahead and planning your upcoming marketing campaigns. You could also use the time to evaluate your current business practices, offer staff extra training, and improve your customer service.